ACP Service Plan

UNLIMITED DATA (Limited High-Speed Data and Throttled Unlimited after the High-Speed limit is consumed) on the Wireless Brands Network with optimized video streaming at 480p (852x480 pixels), subject to the Acceptable Use Policy 

UNLIMITED VOICE on the Wireless Brands Network

UNLIMITED TEXT/SMS on the Wireless Brands Network

The following services are available to the extent that a customer’s device is able to use the feature and to the extent that the network capability can provide the feature.

Caller-ID Wireless Brands will provide caller-id functionality that will permit customers to see the digits of the calling number on the device (where not blocked by the caller) prior to answering an in-coming voice call.

Wireless Brands will not provide enhanced caller-ID. “Enhanced caller-ID” means any information other than the digits of the calling number. Wireless Brands is not responsible for any caller-id databases provided by Customer or third parties.

Call Waiting Wireless Brands will provide functionality that will notify a customer of an in-coming voice call when the customer is already engaged in a voice call. Wireless Brands will provide functionality that will permit a customer to place an existing voice call on hold and to answer an in-coming voice call when the customer is notified of a second in-coming voice call.

Three Way Calling Wireless Brands will provide functionality that allows a customer to conduct a voice call through more than one voice channel at the same time.

Call Forwarding Wireless Brands will provide functionality that allows a customer to forward a call received on one device to another device or voicemail box.

Standard Voicemail Wireless Brands will provide a voicemail solution with the standard functions.

Visual Voicemail Wireless Brands agrees to provide customer with access to its network functionality to enable audio playback for use with a visual voicemail application on compatible devices, i.e., the ability for customer to view a list of their voicemail messages in a visual interface, listen to voicemail messages in any order, and manage their voicemail message inbox on a compatible device (“Visual Voicemail”). For clarification, Visual Voicemail capability provided by Wireless Brands is hereby deemed part of the “Service” solely for the purposes of access to Visual Voicemail with supporting device with Wireless Brands supported Visual Voicemail capability. Customer agrees and acknowledges that it (and not Wireless Brands) is solely responsible for their use of Visual Voicemail. Wireless Brands will require all customers who are able to access Visual Voicemail described herein to accept applicable license and end user terms.

Wi-Fi Service Wi-Fi Calling Wireless Brands agrees to provide customer with access to Wi-Fi voice and SMS Services. For clarification, not all services available while on the Wireless Brands Network are available while using Wi-Fi Calling. For example, cell broadcasts (alerts that go to certain customers), emergency alerts, and Wireless Priority Service (“WPS”) may not be available with Wi-Fi Calling. Calls and messages originated or terminated using Wi-Fi Calling will be routed according to and subject to the limitations of back-end routing protocols.

Wi-Fi Calling and 911 Services Customer acknowledges that Wi-Fi Calling uses a broadband internet connection to make calls, including 911 calls. 911 calls using Wi-Fi Calling operate differently than 911 calls made over a cellular network or a landline phone. For example, 911 functionality over Wi-Fi Calling may be impaired or unavailable if there is a problem with the broadband network utilized, including network congestion, network, equipment, power failure, another technical problem, or during system updates or upgrades. Wi-Fi Calling may also be impaired or unavailable if Wireless Brands Network services are suspended. Before provisioning Wi-Fi Calling for End Users, customer agrees to provide a primary street address at which the Wi-Fi Calling service will be used. Customer agrees to maintain and provide Wireless Brands (or a third-party designated by Wireless Brands) with an up-to-date primary address. If the location at which a customer primarily uses Wi-Fi changes, either temporarily or permanently, customer must update their primary address with Wireless Brands. If customer does not provide Wireless Brands with the required primary address, Wireless Brands may block the End User’s Wi-Fi Calling functionality. When customer's call 911 over Wi-Fi away from the customer’s primary address, Wireless Brands may have no or very limited information about the user’s location and may not transfer any location information to a public safety answering point. 

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