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Refunds Cancellation or Termination of Service Plans.

General Subject to our Refund Policy as described in our Terms and Conditions you may cancel or we may terminate any Service plan that you purchase from us at any time; provided that, except as otherwise required by applicable law and our Refund Policy, you will not receive any refund of amounts paid to us in connection with any such Service plan whether cancelled by you or terminated by us.

Plan Refund Policy. You may request a refund and cancel your new UNUSED (Unused service is defined as less than 60 minutes of Voice, 60 text messages and or 250mb of data or Hotspot) Wireless Brands service activation for any reason within seven (7) calendar days of activation, and we will refund the full purchase price and any associated taxes and fees, as long as you: (i) have purchased a Wireless Brands plan on and the service has not been used; and (ii) complete our refund request located at Refund and Cancellation of Service to cancel your new service activation (collectively, the “7-day money back guarantee”). You may be required to physically return the SIM kit in order to cancel your new service activation. Refunds will be processed within fifteen (15) business days after you contact us. We will not refund any funds loaded into your account other than the Wireless Brands service activation or SIM kit. All other airtime and/or additional features shall be reviewed and may not be eligible for a refund. Features that may not be eligible for refund may include international roaming, third party applications or add on, international long distance and others. You are not eligible to request a refund for a new Wireless Brands service activation or SIM kit when forty-five (45) calendar days have passed since the date of purchase (“45-day refund exclusion”). SIM kits that are subject to the 45-day refund exclusion and that are not subsequently activated will automatically become inactive after 180 days following the date of purchase. For avoidance of any doubt, this Refund Policy does not apply to any other purchase of Wireless Brands products or services, including but not limited to any Wireless Brands plan purchased from a national retail partner’s store or any other store or website. Refunds only apply to products purchased through our website at

Activation Period All service plans, including promotional plans and must be activated within 45 days following the date of purchase. We reserve the right to suspend or terminate any plan or service that is not activated within 45 days following the date of purchase.



It is deemed from the coverage map that services may not be available in your area or zip code. This does not apply to BYOD (bring your own device that is not compatible to the services offered by Wireless Brands in a specific Market.

Unused: Unused service is defined as less than 60 minutes of Voice, 60 text messages and or 250mb of data or Hotspot. Sim card may need to be returned.


To start a refund, click on this link contact us or send written communication at the following address: Wireless Brands (Wireless Brands) 2295 Skelton Road Suite B1 Gainesville Ga 30504

Approved Refunds may take up to 15 days

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